Adorable Pug Puppy Stolen During Cutler Bay Robbery

Thieves broke into the Cutler Bay home of single mother Annalisa Bonocore and left little unturned. They took the TV, a laptop, a Wii, several pieces of jewelry, and even the six dollars in one of her girl's piggy banks. Though, the robbery turned from cruel to almost inhumanly heartless when the thieves also took the family's four-month-old pug puppy Lila.

Riptide's cold, stone heart can take a lot. We chronicle some of the worst crimes this city has to offer, but even our eyes get a bit teary over a story of grand theft pug.

All together, the stolen property valued more than $4,500 dollars, but the material goods mean little to Bonocore and her two daughters when compared to the family pet.

"It's like they just took a part of my heart from me," she told WSVN while barely holding back tears. "It's hard. It's hard for my daughters, hard for everyone. At night, we think about her, if she's OK. Are they feeding her?"

If you don't understand how, even after having her home ransacked, all Bonocore can think about is her little pug puppy then you either have no heart or have never seen a pug. Those things are just adorable.

"You know, if they do have the puppy, please bring her home. I don't care where you put her, even if you put her in front of my house and knock on the door. I don't care, or put her in my backyard. I just want her back."

Anyone with information on the crime or the whereabouts of Lila the Pug is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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