ACLU Jumps Into Michelle Spence-Jones vs. Charlie Crist Fight

The American Civil Liberties Union has jumped into the ongoing Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones saga on behalf of five voters in her district. Just days after being re-elected in November, Spence-Jones turned herself in on charges of grand theft after accusations she stole money from the county. Gov. Charlie Crist quickly suspended her and called a new election. Spence-Jones ran again and won, and Crist wasted no time in once again pulling the suspension trigger, as promised. 

The ACLU says Spence-Jones is eligible to remain in office because voters were well aware of the crimes she was accused of and re-elected her anyway. 

"There is a real sense of urgency to resolve this matter in a swift and just manner," Maria Kayanan, ACLU of Florida associate legal director, says in a written statement. "If the voters' choice is not honored, the Miami City Commission may appoint someone else to fill her seat. The people in District 5 are entitled to representation by the candidate they elected."

Spence-Jones had previously said she hoped to enlist the ACLU in her battle.

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