A-Rod's Miami family make headlines again as surgery news is leaked

There are a couple of unusual aspects to the breaking news that embattled native Alex Rodriguez is gonna miss at least six weeks of the baseball season to have hip surgery.

The first is that the story was first reported by ESPN Deportes, which has even the New York Times chasing its own tail trying to catch up, and has gringo sports fans struggling with such web-translated Spanish quotes as:

"For all the family it is a blow very hard, Alex it is destroyed", it

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said to Joe Rodriguez. "All we were very enstusiasmado to see it

playing with Classic Dominican Republic in the World-wide one."

The second interesting part of this development is that that man quoted right there, A-Rod's raised-in-Miami brother Joe, is the one leaking the injury to the press- not the slugger himself or anybody on the Yankees (his local family just can't stay out of the news lately, it seems). According to the Times, even manager Joe Girardi was unaware that he needs surgery. Since A-Rod is unfathomably skilled at pissing people off without trying to, we're wondering if this brotherly leak is going to come back to bite him in the ass as well.

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