A Pox on Vox Populi

Miami 21, the long awaited plan to overhaul the city's zoning code to make it better equipped to manage growth, is behind schedule. No surprise there.

Discussing the plan, newly elected City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff told the Herald, ''I don't see the public having opportunity for input but when that occurs, I don't see their input reflected in changes to the code.''

Transit Miami has this to say about Sarnoff's comments:

I wasn't aware that Miami's residents were certified professional engineers, architects, and urban planners, all teeming full of great ideas on how to suddenly fix Miami's decrepit urban infrastructure. Just because a suggestion is made by a constituent, why should a professional consulting group automatically include their ideas? Let's let the hired consultants do their job, otherwise, we could have left the urban planning to the average Joe resident and saved the city millions...

-Frank Houston


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