Easy there

A Celebration of, Well, Ass

Miami, you can appreciate this: Slate is celebrating "the art of buttock innovation—past, present, and future" as part of its new "Sex" edition.

The reason? "The October 2007 issue of King magazine, with buttock queen Kim Kardashian on the cover. Will she prove the fashion fulcrum for a new wave of buttock accentuation?" Follow the link for a bootylicious slide show.

The pictures are better than the captions: "Queen sang, 'Fat bottomed girls, you made the rockin' world go round' back in 1978. Yet slim-hippedness reigned until hip-hop and rap brought us Sir Mix-a-Lot's seminal music video line 'I like big butts and I can not lie' in 1992...'" Says Gawker, "As part of its 'Sex Issue,' Slate provides a slideshow tracking the role of gigantic asses filled with the kind of important cultural contextualization found above."

Right. As we said, just look at the pictures. --Frank Houston

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