66-Year-Old Jewelry Store Owner Beats Would-Be Robber to Bloody Pulp

Coral Gables jewelry store owner Eddie Snow might be celebrating his 67th birthday this Friday before undergoing open-heart surgery Monday, but you don't want to mess with him. A would-be robber attempted a brazen smash-and-grab on Snow's Miracle Mile shop, but the store owner caught up to him and delivered a frenzy of fists before police showed up to detain the failed thief.

Forty-five-year-old Joseph Anthony Borras entered Snow's Jewelers yesterday around 6 p.m. armed only with a crowbar and began smashing display cases. He attempted to take off with three Fendi watches, but a female employee confronted him. When Snow realized she was in danger, he took out a gun, but instead of shooting at the criminal, he began hitting him, eventually pinning him on the ground.

"He could have hurt my employee or he could have hurt me, so there really wasn't a choice. We beat the crap out of him," Snow told NBC Miami.

A Coral Gables Police officer told Local 10 that Snow is a hero.

Borras was transported to the hospital before taken to jail. He faces charges of grand theft and armed robbery. As for his actual face, well, as you can see from the mug shot, that has some healing to do.

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Kyle Munzenrieder