$214 Million Worth of Cocaine Unloaded at Miami Beach Coast Guard Station

The U.S. Coast Guard today unloaded $214 million worth of cocaine in Miami Beach. If you're not up on your street price-per-pound math, that's about eight tons of pure coke. That's the biggest haul of cocaine at the Miami Beach Coast Guard station in more than four years. 

The drugs were collected from 11 interdictions of smuggling boats, along with an unrelated bale of cocaine picked up. They were made in April and May in Pacific waters off Central and South America. Cutter Bernard C. Webber unloaded the drugs at the Miami Beach station. The departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security; Navy; U.S. Customs and Border Protection; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Drug Enforcement Agency; and Immigration and Customs and Enforcement were all involved in the interceptions. More than 12 people were turned over to the DOJ for questioning. 

The drugs will eventually be destroyed. 

To give you an idea of the sheer amount of cocaine unloaded today, most hauls at the Miami Beach station are worth less than $20 million. 

Last November, $17 million was unloaded in Miami Beach. In September 2015, the Coast Guard brought in $11.8 million worth of cocaine and marijuana. A $13.7 million haul was taken to shore last June

The most recent case to crack the nine-figure mark was a $110 million haul brought to the station in April 2014
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Kyle Munzenrieder