Telescope Thieves is a proud member of XYZA.
Telescope Thieves is a proud member of XYZA.
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XYZA .wav1 compilation Marks Collective's Venture Into Label Territory

What? XYZA is evolving?

The admired collective solidified about a year and a half ago as a gathering of minds and resources between Miami-based solo electronic artists. The motto was “DIY together.” The aim was to share knowledge, tricks of the trade, connections, and ultimately, to help each other gain bookings.

If you’re at all plugged into the local electronic scene, you know the name Telescope Thieves. He, the Gamma Bot, and Pazmal now have a weekly party at Electric Pickle featuring a rotation of XYZA and other local artists. Lautlos opened for Teebs at Bardot, they all get a lot of love at III Points, and so on and so forth.

Suffice to say, it’s mission accomplished. Now, it’s on to something else.

“I want a label,” says XYZA founder Matt Palma, aka PalmDays. “I want material to be able to show that Miami has a sound, and XYZA is here to represent all the sound that comes from here.”

In commemoration of all they’ve accomplished and to kick off the brand’s new direction comes the .wav1 compilation. It’s nine tracks of post-Internet vibes and under-the-covers grooves, each meaningfully crafted by XYZA’s core artists so as to stand as a cohesive unit.

“This is something that will represent XYZA,” Palma says. “For our first actual album release, I wanted to focus on the artists that have been there pretty much from the beginning.”

Already, though, the “collective” is expanding. Palma is reaching outside the 305 to find like-minded artists in need of a home. XYZA released “Waking Up” from Orlando’s Side C, and it has tapped artists from as far as California for its bi-weekly mix series.

Fans can bet artists featured will always bring a bit of that dark future style, though Palma retains that openness to variety and the central theme of “DIY together.”

“It’s just about being genuine,” Palma says. “Everyone wants to be a part of something I guess, and it’s already easy for us and all the other artists to get involved. I think we already started something good.”

The .wav1 compilation sees official release via XYZA’s Soundcloud Sunday, Oct. 11, and fans can celebrate right alongside the happy crew at its label showcase at Concrete Beach Brewery. It’s an official III Points activation, which puts them in league with the internationally beloved label Future Classic.

Palma says this showcase won’t be like last year’s III Points XYZA anniversary party. Telescope Thieves, Phantasman, and Pazmal are playing the fest’s main arena, so they have to sit the showcase out, but there will be 3 dope DJ sets and extra-special live performances from Lautlos and Tidur.

“Both their live sets are amazing,” Palma says. “They both make beautiful music, and it’s great to see them play live, especially together.”

The event is free with rsvp, so there’s no reason not to come enjoy the music, talk to the artists, and get involved. That’s what XYZA is all about, after all. Then, you can go home, download the comp, and then, well, who knows?

“The .wav1 compilation is just another milestone checkpoint. Once we finish this, I’m already going straight to working on the next stuff,” Palma says. “There’s always going to be more something with XYZA. I have a lot of other stuff planned, and even though things change, you should never sleep on XYZA. I always haves stuff that I’m working on.”

XYZA Label Showcase, III Points Activation. Sunday, Oct. 11, at Concrete Beach Brewery, 325 NW 24th St., Miami. Admission is free with RSVP via squadup.com. Visit iiipoints.com.

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