Wolfgang Gartner Says Move Miami Music Week to L.A., But Ultra Helps Change His Mind

Electro warrior Wolfgang Gartner threw down a killer closing Friday-night set at Ultra Music Festival. But just 24 hours earlier he could hardly imagine being in our fair city -- let alone enjoying it.

The LA-based DJ vented some negative vibes on Twitter, saying, tweeting, "sitting in my home on the opposite side of the country from Miami, not smelling of cigarettes or stale spilled alcohol, and no ringing ears."

Wait a second! You mean all DJs don't spend every waking moment waiting for WMC and MMW to come back around? But isn't it the most magical week of the year?

But of course, Gartner couldn't seriously resist the charm of partying in the city where the heat is on. As soon as the next day came around, he was changing his tune.

Behind the decks, Gartner was all smiles. Jumping like a madman on each drop, wildly waving his arms, and playing air synths, he looked to be having the time of his life, a complete about-face from the "grumpy uncle" tweets a day earlier.

Following his final track, the crowd begged for one more. However, festival staff said, No más.

Now, that's the kind of tweet we like to see.

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