Wiz Khalifa at BankUnited Center December 1

Remember when Miami New Times columnist, booty-bass pioneer, and free-speech enthusiast Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell lambasted Pittsburgh weed rapper Wiz Khalifa (AKA "the boy behind the popular hit 'Black & Yellow'") for breaking the hip-hop code and hooking up with another rapper's ex-boo? Well, Luke probably didn't think this thang between the Taylor Gang boss and Kanye West's not-so-"Perfect Bitch" was gonna get superserious. Yet 17 months later, Wiz and "former stripper Amber Rose" are still goin' strong. In fact, Mr. Khalifa has his personal shit on lock. And Amber is even preggers. Somehow, though, between trips to the obstetrician and the "Rolling Papers" sticky-icky emporium, Wiz has found time to visit 36 North American cities in three months for his newly announced 2050 Tour, which includes a hot-boxing sesh at Miami's midsize BankUnited Center this week. Wonder if there's a portable ultrasound machine and a no-noise marijuana vaporizer on Wiz's rider?

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S. Pajot