Whitney Houston Refuses to Buckle Her Seatbelt and Four Other In-Flight Freakouts

We all know Whitney Houston likes to keep it, um, reckless, and her latest flare-up is the direct product of the R&B siren's disregard for safety and basic public decorum.

The big to-do? Ms. Houston made a fuss on a Delta Flight from Atlanta to L.A. over the buckling of her seatbelt. Straight from the horse's mouth: Whitney "got diva" on her. The matter was only resolved when a flight attendant buckled Houston's belt for her.

But this millionaire hissy fit is only the beginning of Crossfade's list of ridiculous in-flight antics.

That Time a Dude Died Next to Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne believes he's living on borrowed time. And he's right. We imagine at this phase of the game, death stalks the Ozzman with insatiable lust. But maybe the Reaper's calculations are off by a few inches?

That Time Diana Ross Was Arrested at the Airport

Way back in 1999, the woman Billboard called "The Female Entertainer of the Century" got into an arrest-worthy scuffle with a too-fresh airport staff member. We can't imagine Diana is too happy with air travel and the post-9/11 grope fest of today.

That Time B.o.B. Performed to an Audience Who Couldn't Escape

Y'know, that plane could be completely empty save for the nine or ten bros in his crew.

That Time a Dude From Asher Roth's Band Beat Up a Would-Be Bomber

The only thing cooler than this story about Asher Roth's bassist Chris Llewellyn wrestling a would-be bomber to the ground is that story about Werner Herzog saving Joaquin Phoenix from a burning car.

That Time Whitney Houston Visited the Airport

The above video shows Whitney and daughter having a much more relaxing airport experience, and we're sharing it as part of our recently ignited interest in videos of Whitney Houston at the airport.

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