WDJA-AM 1420 Switches to a Caribbean Format

If you're a lover of reggae music, you'll be happy to know that local station WDJA-AM 1420 (Based out of Delray Beach, has recently switched it's format to 95% Caribbean music. The station, which previously existed as a banking and financial talk radio is under new management and they're giving the people of Palm Beach County something that they've never had before--a legal Caribbean radio station.

According to station manager, Byron Eggers, who I spoke with last week, the listenership is "100 times stronger under the current format than it was previously," he says.

The best part about this format change is that some serious reggae radio personalities are now working at the station. Sir Rockwell and Luther Mack are anchoring the morning and afternoon drives respectively, and there shows are definitely worth tuning into if you're in the Palm Beaches. Mack is only on Wednesday-Friday from 4pm-6pm but his show, Music Lessons, is both entertaining and educational. Sir Rockwell is on ever day. DJ Gregory sits in with Mack on Fridays and Lady C is on Monday's and Tuesdays.

You can't get the station in Broward or Miami-Dade County on the radio dial, however, visit the station's website and it comes through crystal clear. I've been listening to it in the afternoons at work and it's been a godsend. If you're skeptical, just tune in today at 4pm for Mack's program and you'll see what I'm talking about.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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