Vote For Radioboxer in Tr3s' Dame Un Break Contest

Radioboxer, the Readers' Choice winner for Best Band in New Times' 2009 Best of Miami issue, is now up for national recognition. I, for one, feel it's about time -- and you can help the fivesome along by voting for them in the current Dame Un Break contest sponsored by Yahoo! Musica and Tr3s.

We've been reporting on the band since early last year, enamored by its earnest sound, its hard-rocking riffs, and its ass-kicking female vocalist Vanessa Dazza (who's been known to deal the occasional blow to unwary bandmates, sending glasses flying while caught up in the moment onstage). She and the rest of the band boast tremendous stage presence, and they gig nonstop, regularly rocking out local venues -- despite already being up to their ears in work for the follow-up to their killer debut album, Radio Drama.

All you need to do to show your support in this online battle of bands is head to Dame Un Break and rate Radioboxer's song, "Bolero."

The higher the band's rating, the better its chances of finishing in the top five and winning a stack of exposure that includes screening of the video on Tr3s, a trip to La-La Land to record another one, and six weeks featured on Yahoo Musica! and Tr3s' web sites. So help Radioboxer out, and give them five stars. They're good people. They'd do it for you.

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