Video: Off The Grid Noise Concert In The Woods of Fort Lauderdale

Check out this new video from the Renegades of Noise. They are The Adjective Noun and Fuck w/ Audio performing together in what they call an "off the grid noise concert in the woods of Fort Lauderdale Broward County, Florida 0% carbon emissions / zero carbon footprint."

Warning, mute the audio out of this video unless you are a fan of the type of sounds a Fisher Price boombox makes when it's going through a garbage disposal and that sound is amplified through a really shitty speaker mounted on a blackboard getting finger nail scraped by 10 old ladies playing broken saxophones, on crack, mixed with a bad acid trip, with your head in the toilet, twice.

Other than that it's fucking awesome. The one kid's playing an Akai EWI400s and the other is playing a couple of Nintendo DSI's. 

I don't understand the environmental angle on this since the carbon footprint left by the manufacturing of plastic and electronics is probably far worse than whatever they're saving by battery operating in the woods, but hey, at least they're thinking about stuff.

Log on to youtube.com/user/noPROFITjustPROGRESS for more noise videos.

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