Video: Dreaming in Stereo Live West Palm Beach's WPEC CBS 12

The CBS affiliate in West Palm is kind of awesome for regularly featuring local acts performing live on the air, and seeming damn cheerful about it. There seems to often be some awkwardness in the introductions, though. A while back, they called the Pretty Faces "1970s punk rock" -- right before the band launched into a sweet acoustic ballad.

Earlier this week, Miami guitar whiz Fernando Perdomo's band, Dreaming in Stereo, was introduced thusly: "This week, We're joined by the band Dreaming in Studio!" Check Perdomo's attempt to stifle a laugh at this at 0:07. Well, they still got it right on the on-screen text.

Here's Perdomo and bandmate Greg Byers, on the right, playing the song "Smile," off the band's new self-titled album .If you're wondering what Byers is playing, it's an electric cello. The combination of that, the acoustic guitar, and Perdomo's voice, gives the song a sort of updated version of late-hippie baroque pop. Pretty different for a South Florida act, and hey, it's hard to argue with the song's optimism. The piano sounds, by the way, come from an application on Perdomo's iPhone! He explains it late in the video, so stick it out. 

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