Video: Bobby V. Releases Miami-Filmed "Phone #," Featuring Plies

​The week of Rick Ross' Teflon Don release madness, a whole slew of artists were around town partying or working. One was Bobby V., formerly known as Bobby Valentino until he ran into legal trouble with a British violinist of the same stage name. You might remember him for his Top-10 2005 single, "Slow Down," or more recently, on the hook and chorus for Lil Wayne's "Mrs. Officer." Weeee-ooo-weee-oooo.

Anyways, he's set to release an album that should mark his return to the public eye, Fly on the Wall, produced by Jazzy Pha and due out on October 12. So a couple months ago, Bobby arrived in town to film a video for his new single, "Phone #" (yes, the symbol, not the actual word "number"). It features Fort Myers' own lusty star Plies, so without even listening, you know the song is all hot and bothered.

Yes, Bobby V. wants your phone number, ladies, so you all can get to some hot phone/SMS/computer/whatever sex. And according to this video, he likes to go looking for phone numbers around the southern end of South Beach. A good choice, of course. It's basically a rule that sexy-type videos must be shot here (if not in Rio, for the huge-budget deals, or some island).

It's got all the requisite Miami video elements: South Beach location-establishing shots, a rainbow spectrum of ladies in bikinis, blue skies, some fancy outdoor restaurant lit by tiki torches, and a red Lambo, naturally. Just another day in the 305!

And just so we're up to date with Internet communication-technology trends: If you don't want Bobby V.'s "best phone sex in the world," as he says, through an actual phone, he also says, "Skype me." Also, iPhones are possibly no longer the video flavor of the month; Bobby V.'s phone in the video looks like some kind of new Blackberry. (I don't know because I'm still stuck on Apple). Check it all out below.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.