Video and Q&A: Maybach Music's Gunplay, of Triple C's, Talks "Cigar Fare & Hardware"

Rick Ross's homie, Maybach Music's Carol City Cartel member Gunplay a.k.a. Don Logan, takes his name seriously. Just watch this new Dre Films video production to confirm the dude's firepower, which includes "two Kalashnikov AK-47s, one with a 100-pound drum and red beam, the other with the flip clips, a Mac-10, a Glock, and a Ruger ... and they all got armor-piercing bullets." 

Undaunted by that small army's worth of weapons, Crossfade spoke to Gunplay about his new video for "Cigar Fare & Hardware," his new P Cutta mixtape, and upcoming projects. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Crossfade: How's it going today?

Gunplay: Blessed beyond belief, man.

What's the concept of the new video?

Cigar fare and hardware, that's what we really started with. Just took it back to the essence, the streets, the guns, and just to let off some steam.

Were all those guns your personal arsonal?

Absolutely. I got more, I just ain't bring 'em all out; it was just too much.

Was the video shot at Trail Glades Gun Range?

Yeah, that was out there by the Miccosukee Gaming.

Any reason you prefer that range to others?

Right there is cool cause it's out in the open. When you inside it's real loud so it's easy on the ears when you outside.

How often you go shooting like that?

Probably at least once a week when I'm in town.

What is "Wrap Rock" music?

Wrap Rock music is a mixture of rap and rock, which embodies my lifestyle cause I'm a rock star in a rapper's body. It's two of the biggest musics in the world combined. 'Cept we spell wrap with a "w," you know, to keep it street.

This the second Dre Films video I've seen of yours, the first being that Duce Pound one. What do you think of him as a director?

I think he's up and coming to be the best in the biz right now. "I Be Out Here" with me, Young Breed, and Torch was the first project we worked with him on. He does his own editing and everything. I seen his work and I loved it. He sees a vision whenever I step to him with a video.

Who was there with you in the video?

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That's Dela Candela. He's an up-and-coming artist out of South Miami. I just wanted to make sure he get a look in the video cause he on the same thing I'm on.

I've heard you make some political statements before. You got any message for the people right now?

My views might not be like rest of America's views. Just watch what's going on with politics. It ain't right.

What's the game that the video starts out with?  

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Two.

Can people play that with/against you live online? What's your gamertag?

Absolutely. My gamertag is Gunplay Gunplay on Xbox 360 live.

You got any more videos in the works?

Yeah, I got a freestyle over the Gucci Mane "Lemonade" called "I'ma Slider." That's what we call 187 down here.

What do you mean by 187?

187 means "murder death kill."

What else you got?

My newest mixtape with DJ P Cutta that you can find on datpiff.com. It's titled Don Logan. It got 175,000 downloads the first week. Coming soon, my next mixtape is Rehab with P Cutta, he's from Philly.

How'd you get involved with him?

Through the streets and networking with people. He has a credible name in the mixtape circuit and he can get places I can't get to. My co-manager Star hooked it up. Cutta been out for minute with his Street Wars.

Anything else?

Rick Ross' Teflon Don is July 20, and right after that, CCC's Color Cut Clarity. You can also follow me on twitter, @GunplayDonLogan.

Can local rock bands reach out to you with tracks?

Absolutely. That helps create the sound I'm looking for. Send music to DonLoganMusic@gmail.com.

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