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Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew Announce 2015 Concert Dates

2 Live Crew got As Nasty As They Wanna Be in 1989, caused some booty drama, and took their right to bass to the Eleventh Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals. Though they later won, the group called it quits shortly after.

More than two decades later, these old-school bassers reunited to get "freaky deaky" for "One Night Only" at LIV last November. Now, they're getting ready to spread their hardcore 305 party rep 'round the U.S. for a 2015 reunion tour.

Just check the cut for the tour dates announced thus far.

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Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew's 2015 Concert Dates

May 7 TBA, Pittsburgh PA

May 8 Funk Fest, Metropolitan Park, Jacksonville, FL

May 14 TBA, Philadelphia, PA

May 15 Funk Fest, Wolf Creek Amphitheater, Atlanta, GA

May 28 TBA, Houston, TX

May 29 TBA, Dallas, TX

May 30 TBA, Austin, TX

May 31 TBA, San Antonio, TX

June 6 Mobile, AL Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds

November 7 TBA, Miami, FL

No one in the country is more ready to pop a coochie "One On One" with Luke, Fresh Kid Ice, and Brother Marquis than us Miami peeps. But from the looks of it, the Magic City won't be getting that booty any time soon.

These are only the first round of show dates announced so far; more are set to be released. But we're pretty sure the godfathers of Miami bass will eventually bring the freak back to the 305.

UPDATE And indeed, Luke and the Crew just dropped their Miami date.

Till then, just bounce that booty and brush up on those "Me So Horny" dance moves.

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