Ultra Bingo: Yarn Hair!

Marley Fest and Ultra Music Festival -- these two events have a lot in common. Both are in downtown Miami. Both attract an international crowd. And both are a safe haven for dreadlocks. At Marley Fest, the dreads are often genuine and found on smelly dudes. But at Ultra, they're made of yarn and found on cute raver girls.

Real dreads are tough to maintain and hard to match with an outfit. That's why it's smart to rock synthetic dreads, and protect your personal brand as a fashion-forward pookie head.

We ran into a ton of folks with yarn hair this weekend. But none as sweet as this pretty-in-pink Paris Hilton look-alike.


In the year 3000, we predict this is what every girl will look like at Ultra, that is as long as they protect themselves from the sun with strawberry-print umbrellas.

Download the high-resolution PDF version of Ultra/Miami Music Week 2011 bingo card.

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