Ultra 2013: Slash Does Surprise Guitar Solo, Crashes Chuckie's Set, "Pretty Awesome Gig"

We here at Crossfade are still praying to the gods of robot music for a miraculous Daft Punk cameo at Ultra Music Festival 2013. But as YouTube user Deniz Korkmaz just ecstastically commented via UMFTV: "OMFG SLASHHH."

Of course, not everybody's superstoked about the former Guns N' Roses axe slinger showing up for a surprise Ultra guitar solo. Take Dre Uribe, who fumes: "Slash is a bitch." Or caccuriful, who laments: "slash? you sellout."

We personally find the mop in a top hat's UMF drop-in mildly amusing. So we agree with Deejay Edwin Carrillo when he semi-ironically squeals: "Mother of Slash!"

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Crashing Dirty Dutch DJ-producer Chuckie's 3:45 p.m. main stage set while it was being streamed "live and free!" via UMFTV, Slash (born Saul Hudson) strangled the strings while thousands of ravers seizured with excitement for the cameras.

The guitar god gigging Ultra 2013 isn't a total shock, though. He's homies with Chuckie. He recently hit the studio with "Da Partycrasher." And he's even listed as "special guest: Slash" for tomorrow's Dirty Dutch Pool Party on South Beach.

His solo only lasted a few minutes. But Slash was definitely way more stoked about shredding for the beat freaks than either of those Internet dicks, Dre Uribe or caccuriful.

In fact, he tweeted his stoked-ness, complete with an emoticon self-portrait:

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