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Ultra 2013, Day One: The 15 Photo Highlights, From Marijuana Boobs to Human Bananas

Ultra Music Festival is a weird and wonderful place, where strange and spectacular creatures roam free and freaky -- humping, fist-pumping, and just generally upending the natural order of shit.

Take this human banana. A total anomaly of evolution. He's about 100 times bigger than the average banana. He speaks two languages. And he's delicious. Plus, like most of the fruit to be found at Ultra, you could try to peel and eat him. But he licks back.

Still, that's only a sneak peak of the otherworldy flora and fauna to be found at UMF. There are famous DJs whose arms are forever locked in an upright position. And otherwise normal ladies with marijuana leaves growing out of their boobs where the nipples should be.

Now discover the Ultra ecosystem. Check the cut for a 20-photo recap of day one of weekend one at Ultra Music Festival 2013.

Check out the 80-photo slideshow for "Ultra Music Festival 2013 Weekend One Day One."

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