U.K. Band Foals' "Miami" Video Debuts Via NME

The five-piece Oxford, England-based band Foals first scored serious buzz around late 2007, as the band hit industry-filled events like CMJ hard and critics ate up early songs like "Hummer." The band's debut album, Antidotes, dropped in spring of the following year, and was instantly praised for its off-kilter, No Wave-style rhythms and unpredictable structures. (The band has said its songwriting process sometimes involves drawing abstract diagrams.)

Still, stateside, the Foals hype machine has quieted down over the past couple years. That should change again with the release of its sophomore album, Total Life Forever, this past May 11. Two singles, "Spanish Sahara" and "This Orient," have already made the rounds, and now comes a new video for a song, curiously, named "Miami." The band has certainly never played here, and the lyrics are, as expected, obtuse: "I promised you an ocean of/Mother of pearl, gold and indigo/Cut through the waves, I watched you swim away." Perhaps "Miami" just fit with the other song titles' perceived notion of exoticism, and fit with the choice of watery imagery.

The video debuted yesterday on NME.com, and was filmed on an urban rooftop somewhere that's definitely not Miami. In possibly the only visual thread one could link to the city, it stars transgender actresses Calpernia Addams and Glamorous Monique. Actually, if they really wanted to go for a South Floridian queer-acceptance theme, maybe a more accurate song title would have been "Wilton Manors." Check out the video below.

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