Tyler, The Creator Is Bored With Rape: Five Totally Random Directions for His New Album

Odd Future leader and notorious lyrical provocateur Tyler, The Creator recently explained to Spin Magazine that his signature hateful and sordid subject matter -- like rape and dismemberment -- "just doesn't interest me anymore."

Well, if you're not stabbing Bruno Mars and transcribing snuff films, what the hell are you doing, Tyler? The Creator explained that his new album (titled Wolf and slated to drop in May 2012) will be "hippie music for people to get high to." He also namedropped Stones Throw electro-psych ensemble The Stepkids and mentioned the possibility of getting a live band together.

Crossfade is excited to immerse ourselves in every element of Tyler's growth as an artist, down to the last tag on every last tweet. In fact, we've even got a whole list of possibilities for where his radically inoffensive new direction might take him.

5. Tyler, The Creator Will Become Primarily Influenced by Drugs

4. Tyler, The Creator Releases Full-Length Scat Record on Wax Cylinder

3. Tyler, The Creator Shelves Album, Releases Original Soundtrack for Nonexistent #OWS Drum Circle Mockumentary

2. Tyler, The Creator Releases Concept Album Rock Operetta in Which He Plays Puff Daddy

1. Tyler, The Creator Straight-Up Starts a Jam Band

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