Tropicoustic Thursdays at Da Vittorio in Coral Gables

If you're looking for somewhere new to whittle away your Thursday evening hours whilst partaking of both that most ancient of rituals (imbibing) and some of the best live music our fair city can serve up, then look no further. Da Vittorio in Coral Gables has got you covered to the umpteenth degree. 

Conceived by a couple of your favorite local musicians (Juan Turros and Amin De Jesus of Suenalo fame), along with a few of their friends, Tropicoustic Thursdays promises to be everything the name implies, tranquilito y tropical

But not too tranquilito, thanks to some stellar offerings in the way of live music lined up for the coming weeks. And all of the performances will be presented in intimate, acoustic fashion a la Unplugged.

The question is, to give it all to you at once, or dole it out a bit a time?

What the hell, you've been good, and we're as much for instant gratification as anyone. Tonight you'll have Turros and De Jesus' very own Suenalo throwing it down live, rocking their signature, totally infectious fusion, rather accurately dubbed Afro-Latin-Baby-Making-Descarga-Funk. 

Next week (Aug. 12) ArtOfficial is in the house dropping the most sumptuous hip-hop hybrid Miami's ever known. Then on August 19 Xperimento will perform, living up to their name and blending cumbia, funk, reggae, jazz, Afro-beat, hip hop and other musical styles too numerous to name.

The event will be hosted by Turros and Aldo Cardona, and they're encouraging you to play up the tropical, dressing in Tropical Chic (aka, sandals, linene, guayaberas, maybe a straw fedora...you know the drill, Pedro Navaja).

-- Paul Torres

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.