Trina Threatened With Lawsuit For No-Show Concert in St. Louis

Nah you don't know nann ho, who cancel a show like me, who cost a hefty fee and will walk away with all your money.

That's the accusation being flung at our girl Trina over a no-show in St. Louis last Saturday.

According to a promoter, the Baddest Bitch had agreed to play a set at the Imperial Palace. But as reported by TMZ, the million-dollar girl missed the party.

Allegedly, though, Trina held on to the $7,000 booking fee. And now she's being threatened with a lawsuit.

We've reached out to the Diamond Princess's camp for comment. But so far, we haven't received a response. So here is the story that's been reported ...

The show went on that night without her, and promoters tried to appease an angry crowd with an as-regularly-scheduled club night and DJ set. But obviously, lots of fans want their money back.

The promoter is equally pissed and she wants courts to force Trina into returning the original $7K as well as an additional $9K for promotional costs and other damages.

Meanwhile, Trina's team tells TMZ that the rapper cancelled her show well in advance. She even tried to return the $7K, they say, but the promoter refused to accept it. Plus, her reps argue that continuing to promote the show after being warned about Trina's cancellation constitutes false advertising.

Of course, Trina isn't the only rapper who's been accused of being unable to make a show. Similar lawsuits have been filed against everyone from Lil Wayne to Daddy Yankee and most recently Nas.

Reportedly, Trina and her people are coming up with their own legal retaliation. So it looks like the fight is on.

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