Trina! A Memorial Day Mixtape for Meeting Your Girls and Burning Your Boyfriend's Lexus

Trina is Da Baddest Bitch. And ever since we first heard her rhyming all brilliant with Trick Daddy, we knew the Miami-native was the strong feminine voice of our people, the 305 people. The platinum-selling artist is still putting out albums, making music with other big names like T-Pain and Pitbull, and filming videos right here in South Florida. For her, we would take it to the house or pull over.

Today from noon to 3 p.m., Macy's (22 East Flagler Street, Miami), Slim-N-Slide Records, and MIA Magazine will be hosting a Red Bottoms Meet-and-Greet with the diva. She'll be talking music and fashion, and giving out autographs.

In honor of her visit home and Memorial Day, we put together a list of Trina songs for almost every occasion, including meeting with your girls and burning your boyfriend's Lexus.

5. "My Bitches"
This is the perfect song to prep for meeting with your girls. You know, you're all dressed up, you get in the car, and now you gotta drive from Kendall all the way to South Beach to see them. Just put this song on, and think about those bitches and why they're worth the half-tank of gas.

4. "Waist So Skinny" with Rick Ross 
Put the volume way up on this when you're feeling fancy as fuck. You look good, you smell good, and you're over it with leeches and underage boys crawling up your ass. Take a hint from Trina, you deserve the better. Now go and get it.

3. "Nann Nigga" with Trick Daddy
You're feeling nostalgic. You miss the '90s, and not just the PJ Harvey or Sebadoah '90s, you miss the Miami '90s. Come on! You danced at Opium to this song the same year the video came out. Your feet were where Trick's were. Trina's all fancy now, but this song reminds us of when she was fucking 'bout five or six best friends. The good ol' days.

2. "Here We Go" with Kelly Rowland
Your man sucks. He does. And when you stop pretending that he doesn't, this is the song to blast while you set his Lexus aflame.

1. "Stop Traffic" with Pitbull
"Stop Traffic" is not only about fat asses. It's also educational. Use the chorus to train your children on how traffic moves according to the color of lights. Also, it tells of how it's useful to stop, drop, and roll ... You know, if you're on fire.

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