Trick Daddy on Lil Wayne: "If I Wanted to Start Shit, He'd Have Been in the Hospital for a Different Reason Than a Seizure"

The beef is still hot.

Last month, Trick Daddy got heated over Lil Wayne disrespecting Dade County, LeBron, D-Wade, Bosh (and wife), and the #HeatGang. So he showed out, rolled up, and confronted Weezy at Miami's King of Diamonds strip club.

There was apparently a scuffle, a flicked cigarette, some nasty words. However, the 305 Mayor says, the Young Money maniac's just lucky that he escaped without major injury.

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Of course, accounts vary about what actually went down between Trick and Wayne at KOD.

Early gossip from sources such as Vlad TV suggested "Trick Daddy walked in [to KOD with a mob about] 40-50 deep, allegedly looking for Lil Wayne," before chasing him out of the club.

And a Miami rapper close to the 305 Mayor echoed that version of events, telling Crossfade that Trick Daddy "sent Lil Wayne packing like a little bitch ... He and 20 of his guys surrounded the stage, and told Lil Wayne and Young Money to get the fuck out of here. "

But King of Diamonds' Disco Rick told us, "Yo, that fake news and lies," adding, "Anything about 'Trick made Lil Wayne leave KOD or Wayne was escorted out' is a fuckin' lie."

Now neither Trick Daddy, nor Lil Wayne have spoken about the specifics of the incident.

But as Trick just told TMZ: "If I [wanted to start s**t with Lil Wayne], he would have been in the hospital for a different reason than a seizure."

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