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Trick Daddy and MTV Launch Magic City Memoir at Club Play Tonight

It's been a minute since we heard from Miami's native son, Trick Daddy. As the hip-hop industry focuses its attention on some New Orleans imports invading South Florida, it's easy to forget the OGs in this town.

Yet there's no question that Trick Daddy (AKA Maurice Young) is the godfather of the Miami hip-hop scene. With his 1997 debut Based on a True Story, Trick put Miami on the map. Screw ATL, it's MIA all day! And with songs like "Shut Up," "Nann Nigga," and the crossover hit "I'm a Thug," there was no question that Trick was leading the pack.

So Rick Ross, we know you had some beef with old boy. But Trick is your daddy. Pay respect.

With all that history of being the so-called "Mayor of Miami," it's only appropriate that the man come out with a tell-all biography. The book, entitled Magic City: Trials of a Native Son, chronicles the life and times of Trick, from poverty to stardom, in sickness and in health. Most recently, the rapper has revealed that he's been secretly battling lupus for almost 12 years now. His struggles with the disease are recorded in the memoir, telling all about overcoming illness and still managing to be a full-time artist.

Published by MTV/Gallery Books, Magic City was released yesterday. But tonight marks the official book release party for Trick and co-author Peter Bailey. Expect a mob of ex-strippers and old-school Miami rappers coming through South Beach's Club Play. Rumors are floating that Trick might take up the mike, but nothing can be confirmed. Regardless, Trick still loves the kids and we hope he'll get back into the studio and drop an album rather than a book!

Trick Daddy's Magic City: Trials of a Native Son book signing. Wednesday, November 17. Club Play, 1045 5th St., Miami Beach. Doors open at 8 p.m. with book signing at 9 p.m. Visit clubplaysouthbeach.com.

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