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Top Ten Songs For Smoking Weed

In the great words of ... Wait, who said that, dude? Who said that stuff about the weed? And the music? And how they go together? and how one makes the other better? But they're both still awesome by themselves? That together they're like a ... What's that word for super amazing? Like that force of gangsterness far beyond human comprehension, time, space, antimatter, and shit?

Whatever, turn the stereo up and pass the bong. Here's our top ten songs for smoking weed.

10. Charles Mingus: "Haitian Fight Song"

The original version of this song is over 10 minutes long, which exceeds YouTube time restrictions, so the above is a high-speed version. Whatever, dude is probably the best bass player ever. Spark one up when this starts and by the end of it you'll be blazed and amazed.

9. Tupac (Featuring Bone Thugs): "Untouchable"

Potheads get a bad rap as lazy unmotivated drones burning their way through a purposeless existence. Even for the ones that fit the stereotype, this song's driving beat and hook are enough to get you on the corner sellin' crack, smokin' blunts, fuckin' hoes, and livin' like an outlaw, untouchable. Or, you know, bobbing your head and thinking about it.

8. Youth Brigade: "Sink With California"

This song is perfect for driving through the City of Miami, getting high with your windows open while the sun cuts laser swords through your reality. C'mon, let's shout the lyrics in unison.

7. Noreaga: "Superthug"
What, what, what, what, what, what, what.

6. Hank III: "Mississippi Mud"

So, the song's about drinking straight out of the jug and getting pure drunk ... But hell, some things just work so well together it's like nature intended 'em. Weed and whiskey fall into that category.

5. Neimer: "Two Hearts Together"

Even if you hate, despise, and can't stand techno, you will probably find yourself tapping your foot to this garbage just like 15 million other suckers on YouTube.

4. Beethoven: "Symphony No. 9"

Dude, this shit's intense.

3. FEAR: "Livin' In The City"

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll shit your pants, laugh and cry about shitting your pants, eat some nachos, and smoke some more.

2. Bob Dylan: "Subterranean Homesick Blues"

Not to say he wouldn't of thought of it anyway, but weed got this motherfucker so high he went ahead and pretty much invented the music video decades before MTV was born.

1. Muddy Waters: "Champagne and Reefer"

The dude says: "Bring me champagne when I'm thirsty, and reefer when I want to get high/It shouldn't be no law against people that wanna smoke a little dope/Well, it's good for your head, and relax your body, don't you know." Fuckin' awesome.

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