Top 10 Reasons to Head to Transit Lounge This Month

Let's face it, everybody loves Top 10 lists. And everybody loves Transit Lounge, whether because of the ample beer selection, the reasonably priced drinks or their undying commitment to providing quality live shows. So, combining two things of extraordinary awesomeness into one, here's something everybody is bound to love twice as much as Top 10 lists and Transit Lounge ... a Top 10 list about Transit Lounge. 

The following are the top 10 reasons to head to Transit this month. Because we don't want to play favorites, they're ordered chronologically, not in order of preference.

10) RockStar Karaoke -- This little shindig goes down at Transit every Tuesday night, and puts you, the civilians, behind the microphone. Transit will even furnish a full band to jam behind you. You get to be a rock star for one night (or one song, anyway), no matter how bad you suck! There you have it Fred Durst, your return to the spotlight awaits.

9) The Mad Skeleton w/ The Armed and Desperate -- Wednesday, Aug. 11 features a double whammy. The Armed and Desperate aren't comprised of Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher wielding meat cleavers (though that'd be a show we could get behind). They're one of SoFla's more promising rock groups, made up of former members of Contact, Tree View Drive and Self Run Will. And The Mad Skeleton is a badass indie folkster who only kinda looks like a cross between Harry Potter and Elvis Costello. Here's a vid to get you better acquainted with him.

The Mad Skeleton - Part I from MERELY HUMAN STUDIOS on Vimeo.

8) Jacob Jeffries Band -- Jacob Jeffries Band is performing on Thursday, Aug. 12. If we need to tell you why they're awesome, you've been living under a rock. Showing glimmers all at once of Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Jeffries is perhaps one of the most polished and complete songwriters in South Florida. Need proof? Check out this humorous homage they recently did in honor of Shark Week, titled...well, "Shark Week." Despite the fact it's damn funny, the song still kicks ass.

7) Afro-Kumbé -- Locos Por Juana's side project, Afro-Kumbé is basically all three key members (Itagui Correa, Mark Kondrat and Javier "Lakambra" Delgado), doing what they do in a whole new way--by mixing those traditional Colombian influences with electronica and presenting it in a DJ set of sorts. Celebrate Friday the 13th "Afro Palenke" style!

6) Locos Por Juana -- This is almost like cheating (like how we only had to use one image), but certainly LPJ deserve their own blurb. After all, these guys have been one of the bands at the forefront giving Miami its own musical voice. Blending funk and reggae with Afro and Latin rhythms, particularly cumbia and champeta from their native Colombia, Locos have been getting the party started in the 305 for the past decade, and there's no doubt they're going to turn Transit out on Saturday, Aug. 14.

5) ¡MAYDAY! -- Let's face it, Cee-lo Green (who is not only a Soul Machine, but one half of Gnarls Barkley and a former member of Goodie Mobb) doesn't record with just anyone. But there he is on Miami's hottest hip-hop band's track, "Groundhog Day," along with DJ Craze. Check out the vid, then catch them on Friday, Aug. 20.

4) Synchronicity -- Like the Police? Sure, so do we. But they're gone. And they're not coming back to Miami. But you can catch Miami's very own Police cover band, Synchronicity. They'll be at Transit on Saturday, Aug. 21.

3) Conjunto Progreso -- Playing Transit on Friday, Aug. 27 is Conjunto Progreso. This local band brings the serious cubaneo, dropping some of the best son you're ever going to get outside of La Habana. That's why we named them Best Latin Band in this year's Best of Miami.

2) Suenalo -- Saturday, Aug. 28 Transit features another of the originators of the Miami sound. Suenalo are pioneers in the local Latin fusion movement, and a sure bet to tear the roof off the place every time they play here. Combining everything but the kitchen sink, from funk to jazz to Afro-Caribbean to hip hop to rock, and everything in between, this group keeps asses shaking well into the night. And their descargas? Of the NFA variety. See for yourself. Here they are doing the do--where else?--at Transit.

1) Cheap Beer -- Beer. It's not only what's for dinner, it's also what's for liquid lunch, and on some days, the breakfast of champions. It provides you with liquid courage, and let's face it, not only are you much funnier when you're drunk, but the opposite sex is more attractive. So drink up and help lubricate the social wheels.

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