Tonight! Fire Zuave, the Dewars and Goolsby at Propaganda

After a year of playing and touring out of Athens, Georgia, former South Florida act Fire Zuave is coming all the way back down the peninsula to show locals what time in a little rock 'n' roll college town can do for you. After releasing two albums, Sand Fastened in 2008 and Oscillation Isolator in 2009, and playing the local scene at venues such as City Limits and Alligator Alley, the band left our sunny shores to head up to its current music-centric, college town of a home.

Down here, we know that a Fire Zuave show is a visual spectacle. So none should be surprised to see frontman Chuck Andrews belting out meat-and-potatoes indie fare alongside a modern art spectacle of many-headed installation art pieces, mysterious bobbing objects, and sleekly dressed masked characters that play peekaboo with the audience.

Off-the-wall visual accompaniment is something that Andrews' band shares with his cousin Kevin Barnes' band, Of Montreal. Musically, however, Fire Zuave claims standard rock and American folk influences like Wilco  and Bright Eyes.

Fire Zuave, with the Dewars and Goolsby. 8 p.m. Thursday, April 8, at

Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Tickets cost $5. 561-547-7273; click here.

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Reed Fischer
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