Today's 09.02.10: Celebrate the Cult Classic TV Show with Theme Song Covers

Have you looked at today's calendar? Yes, it's 09/02/10, and a lot of die-hard pop culture fans have dubbed today "90210 day." They're donning their best plaids, babydoll dresses, and floral prints to honor their favorite 90's TV show with pride. But what does it all mean, exactly?

We've all watched at least one episode of the original Beverly Hills, 90210, whether or not we'd like to admit it. Donna Martin graduated, Brenda called Kelly names, Dylan dated Brenda, then Kelly, Steve always misbehaved, and Brandon was the epitome of a good son and student -- most of the time.

But while a lot of people paid homage to the fashion and the nonstop drama, few really pay much attention to the iconic theme song. Those electric guitar riffs say so much about the show that started in 1990, and the fact that the theme song remained the same for the show's 10-year run says a lot.

We came across some pretty interesting renditions of the song, and decided what better way to commemorate the day than share them. Some of them are awesome, some of them are funny, and some are a little strange. We even found twins playing one guitar. Check them out and have a laugh after the jump.

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