Tobacco Road Turns Upstairs Into Cocktail Collection: "Upscale Lounge Meets Speakeasy"

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But the "loungey, more homey and welcoming" energy of the Cocktail Collection is nothing like the rest of the Road.

"The vibe is totally different," admits booking manager Eric Garcia. "Downstairs, it's the same 'ol Tobacco Road. But when you walk upstairs, you don't know where the hell you're at," he laughs. "It's clean and the drinks are delicious."

In contrast to the blues and rock usually heard on the patio, the music at the Cocktail Collection will be, as Holtzman insists, "as eclectic as possible."

"We've had tap dancers, jazz singers, guitar players," the mixologist says. "You should never really expect anything, just to have a great time and experience something new."

Of course, though, with the fate of the Road still to be determined, it seems odd to invest time and money into renovating something that may be demolished in a few years.

"I think the owner, Patrick, accepted it because he wanted everything to evolve a little before the Road closes," Garcia suggests.

"People are like, 'Why are you changing up and putting all this money into it?' It's completely remodeled. I think Patrick wanted it to be relevant before it closed down and moved."

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