Toad Eyes Talks Hiatus, Explosive Warts, and Kicking People in the Face

After becoming big stars among the Biscayne Corridor's Senior High and Junior College demographics (not to mention landing spots on tastemaking scene showcases like Death To The Sun 2011 and the most recent edition of Sweatstock), proggy pop-punk power trio Toad Eyes is taking an indefinite hiatus.

The cause turns out to be the most heinously un-rock'n'roll sabateur of them all: higher education. Check the cut for a goodbye Q&A with Toad Eyes.

Crossfade: How long has Toad Eyes been a band?

Fern: For two and a half years, although Alex and I have been playing together for four years.

Chris: Our first show was August 30, 2010. I view that as the Anniversary Dinner day.

Why is Toad Eyes breaking up?

Fern: We thought that with the release of our new EP and the successful addition of a fourth member [Virginia De Las Pozas], it would be the perfect moment to end the band.

Alex: Drugs addictions.

Chris: I want to take time off to practice my golf arm.

Toad Eyes' Top Five Memories

5. Release of Honeybadger EP

"We packed Sweat Records (to our surprise) and people were crowd surfing. One of our friends kicked the lamp hanging above him, and it came down on one of our friends."

4. Random Show at MOCA

"We played this MOCA show back in January, and Chris talked about the dream he had the night before, about how he was walking and saw the prettiest girl he ever saw. He then grabs a random girl and starts making out with her. That whole night the room also smelled like Doritos."

3. Philly

"When we were in Philly on tour with Ice Cream and we played this basement show. It was hot as hell and in the middle of the show we stopped because people started freaking out about the smoke rising out of Alex's bass cab."

2. Alex's Wart Removal

"Not only did his wart explode on his cousin's face, the doctor gave him third-degree burns when trying to remove it fully. He played with half a finger."

1. Back Patio at Churchill's

"I remember a girl on some guys shoulders and they got on stage right in front of Alex, and just jumped into the crowd. The drummer of Acidosis came up to us after and told us that he kicked someone in the face."

Do you have any immediate plans to play new music?

Fern: We're gonna get the band back together once we move up to Boston [to attend Berklee School of Music]. I've also got a new project with Virginia named the Real Audrey Horne.

Chris: I might start playing drums with this band called Milk Spot that used to play a lot of shows with Ice Cream. Maybe, start a new band. I like the name Church Bus.

Toad Eyes. With Astrokats, The Anthropologists of Nosy Mangabe, Deaf Poets, and Gun Hoes. Suite 206, 164 NW 20th St., Wynwood. Doors open at 8 p.m. and a $10 donation buys with a t-shirt and all-you-can-drink Subvert Ales.

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