To Be Hated's Bootcamp for Whores Help Fight Old Age

To Be Hated

Bootcamp for Whores

(Sour Grapes Records)


Keeping with my tradition of doing things ass-backwards, we have To Be Hated's second full-length effort, the provocatively titled Bootcamp for Whores. It is a logical stepping stone for the outfit who begat Outsourced and State of Things in the sense that the homemade production is a little shabby in the right way and the execution of the tracks is slightly rawer.

There's a good mix of gang vocals, D-beat inflections, driving guitars and cymbal washes, putting Bootcamp for Whores in the company of European punk (think La Polla Records and Terveet Kädet) and South American punkers Narcosis as well as American Midwest hardcore like the Necros. Maybe I'm romanticizing here. But fuck it ... I earned my baldness.

You get ten tracks here with easy favorites being "Deathtrap," the title track, "Problems," and "BullChe," which is a funny stab at that maligned commie everyone seemed to love in the late '90s because of the fucking t-shirt that further popularized the asshole brutality of Caribbean communism via Argentina. I especially like the list of names in the track with the exception of pointing out Canada's socialism. Fuck, I like their beer!

The personnel on this disc included Sour Jose and Texas Hold 'Em Levi on guitars, Tommy Cheese Stix on drums, and Johnny Lovely on bass and vocals. This outfit has a couple more releases that we'll be looking into soon. In the meantime, I'm turning the volume knob up and opening the blinds, so my neighbors can hear and see my punk rock mid-life crisis.

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