Daft Punk backstage at the Grammys, in LED suits

Three Cool Moments of the Grammys

I'll admit to not really paying much attention to the Grammys live broadcast this year. Kanye, Winehouse, blah blah blah blah, predictable for an awards show based more on (ever-weakening) album sales than anything else. That's why it was pretty cool to see that Herbie Hancock picked up Best Album for River: The Joni Letters, his Joni Mitchell tribute. Ok, it's possibly not the hippest thing he's done, but the man is a legend and it's nice to see an old-timer as a sleeper hit. Also, Tina Turner and Leonard Cohen were on the album (among other talented guests), so hey.

Second, and possibly most cool moment: Daft Punk's surprise live appearance. Okay, it was to back up Kanye (I may never be able to type or read that name again!!) for his reworked version of "Stronger." But, it was the duo's FIRST EVER TV appearance in its 14-year history. Daft Punk's people say the version they performed was created specifically for the gig. Nice.

Finally: Tom Araya of Slayer's red carpet photo, indulgent and slightly embarrassed family in tow. Slayer was nominated for Best Metal Performance... Thanks to Idolator for posting the photo (originally from Getty Images) here.

You can also read Idolator's exhaustive blow-by-blow account of the broadcast here, or visit the official Grammy web site for a list of winners.

-- Arielle Castillo

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