Power smooches.EXPAND
Power smooches.
Photo by Chris Carter

Thompson Miami Beach Celebrates One Year With Twin Shadow

Miami Beach has more contenders for newest, “coolest” hotel than the Republican Party has presidential candidates. And much more attractive ones too. But with its one-year anniversary concert last night, the Thompson Miami Beach proved it was the clear winner in the categories of style and party production.

Part of the Thompson boutique hotel chain, the Miami Beach hot spot soared up the ranks of hipness with ease and no pretension last night with an evening of relaxed drinking and a performance by Dominican new wave artist Twin Shadow (AKA George Lewis Jr.). With the constellations above and the Atlantic lapping at the sand just meters away, the crowd trickled in slowly, forming intimate clusters by the three blue hotel pools. There was always the possibility that the place would be packed with buzzing, adolescent scenesters, but all that madness was kept at bay with good taste and planning.

All aboard!EXPAND
All aboard!
Photo by Chris Carter

The Workshop Collective PR team brought its a-game with a VIP second-floor suite that offered an overhead view of the stage and excellently strong Absolute Elyx cocktails. It gave us the opportunity to feel very short in comparison to the others in the room, to check out the band in real lighting, and to fantasize extensively about actually spending the night in one of the hotel's rooms. Brett Orlando, Regional Vice President, East Coast, Commune Hotels & Resorts was happy with the event too. "We are excited to celebrate our first anniversary milestone not only with our hotel guests but also our loyal local following," he said. "Our House is our way of giving back to the community who continues to support and make Thompson Miami Beach their second home."

A proper dance pit.EXPAND
A proper dance pit.
Photo by Chris Carter

Twin Shadow hit the stage with a full band around 10 p.m. The set built up with sensual serenades and ’80s-inspired darkwave pop bangers. The crowd waved its arms, hugged each other with them too, and mouthed each lyric. Lewis got so worked up by the end that he took a drumstick and enthusiastically slammed a cymbal conveniently placed above eye level for dramatic effect. 

Twin Shadow in the shadows.EXPAND
Twin Shadow in the shadows.
Photo by Chris Carter

He chatted a little, asking if everyone liked his jumpsuit. They did. And then he did a little shoutout for his Dominicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans. Though when someone yelled out “Haitians!” all he did was mention that Haiti is the third poorest country.

That was probably the night's one weird moment. 

After, he launched into a two-second cover of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” before bringing his girlfriend, Zoe Kravitz, up to croon along with Sade’s “Ordinary Love,” garnishing the classic sexy song with an onstage smooch. The crowd’s pupils collectively dilated with admiration of their physical superiority. 

When Lewis introduced his band, he made sure to pimp them out by saying, “Everyone up here is single but me!” We can only hope that someone, one of the band members and preferably the nicest groupie, got to use the second-story hotel suite to its fullest potential. It was that kinda night. 

Miami Beach's cutest.EXPAND
Miami Beach's cutest.
Photo by Chris Carter

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