Club Space and III Points Bring an All-Ages Rave to Lot 11 Skatepark

Mall Grab
Mall Grab Photo by Rob Jones
III Points and Club Space are set to take over Lot 11 Skatepark on July 16 for a techno and house rave, amplifying a prominent genre in skate culture.

III Points founder David Sinopoli says the pop-up concert, Andrew Music Club, will celebrate Miami's quintessential streetwear and skate brand, Andrew Downtown, through a night of emerging international and local DJs.

"Andrew is pretty much the core of skate culture in Miami," Sinopoli says. "A lot of these skaters are not just listening to one type of music, and techno is definitely one of [the ones they listen to], so what better than to have a fucking rave happen."

Don't forget your skateboard. Half of the park will remain open to skate, while the other turns up to vibey live mixes by artists Elias Garcia, INVT, and Sel.6, who will also each perform at III Points in October. Headlining the event is Australian DJ/producer Mall Grab.

This would be the first-ever III Points pop-up at Lot 11, Miami's largest and most dynamic skatepark. Andrew Music Club joins a growing list of annual III Points events such as III Joints (a 4/20 celebration), the Björk Orchestral (an experimental orchestra collaboration), and S3quenc3 (an alternative electronic music party).

"The idea with those outside of the festival events is to take interesting local community spots and bring corresponding growing talent," Sinopoli says. "Everything III Points does is really trying to put magnifying glasses on Miami."

He hopes the all-ages rave can be a safe space to connect with others in the scene, especially for local youth.

"Miami needed a skatepark for the kids," Sinopoli explains. "This skatepark is a very beloved spot, and the intentions behind it are very pure."

Andrew Music Club. With Mall Grab, Elias Garcia, INVT, and Sel.6. 6 p.m. Saturday, July 16, at Lot 11 Skatepark, 301-349 NW Second Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $14.89 to $20.40 via
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