The Roots, Q-Tip, Eve, and Bobby Brown at the Ice Palace, September 25

As we wrap up 2010, Crossfade looks back at the best live performances of the year. View the full list of Miami's Best Concerts of 2010.

The Roots, Q-Tip,

Eve, and Bobby Brown

October 27, 2010

Fillmore Miami Beach

When Crossfade first stumbled into the Hennessy Artistry party, our biggest interest was the free booze. We were thinking: "The Roots are kinda cool. Q-Tip is awesome. Eve is old news. And Bobby Brown's only remaining use is Whitney Houston jokes."

Several hours later, we emerged with a total attitude adjustment, asking ourselves a very strange question ...

"Did we just reenact the entire "My Prerogative" music video? In public?"

What we said:

This wasn't just another Saturday. We had won the lottery. (Almost literally. The Hennessy Artistry RSVP process was random, secretive, and exclusive.) You had the Roots, basically the best live hip-hop band on the planet, and Q-Tip, a revered pioneer of the classic rap game, conducting a real-time master class in the triumphs of rhyme, rhythm, and beat. Think Jordan teaching you the jump shot.

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