The Roots: Our Five Favorite Videos by Questlove and Crew

via their MySpace page
You might remember how ecstatic we got when we heard about a private party Hennessy was throwing with the Roots. Then we heard all about how RSVPing was "no guarantee" that we'd actually get accepted to be on the list. Wait, what?

We wondered how exactly the good folks over at Hennessy Artistry would be making their list selections.

Would they google each and every potential attendee and see if they're the kind of crowd they want poppin' their best Henny? Would they just pick the first 300 people to apply for the list? Would they go based solely on cool sounding applicant names? Our nerves were shaken, our hearts beat faster, as we thought, "Saturday, get here, already!"

Our outfit's been picked out, and we've been daydreaming about taking pictures of QuestLove up close for days now. We watched them on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon hoping for a sign, any sign.

Well, it's Saturday morning. The insta-response email said they'd let us know by now, and this humble blogger has yet to receive an email confirmation that I've "made it in." Uh-oh.

While we continue to wait impatiently, we decided to compile our five favorite Roots videos below. Some are amazing collaborations and some are just plain classic Roots. Oh, and let us know if you make it on the list, so we can be green with envy.

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Christine Borges