The Postmarks Release a New Video!!

Aww, I thought today would be a slow blogging day, but alas, there's joy in Mudville. South Florida's favorite indie-pop trio, the Postmarks, are releasing a brand new album next week, entitled By the Numbers and finally, there's some material floating around to help give it a buzz.

This video is for a cover of the popular Blondie song, "11:59," and features the band's beautiful and melancholy lead singer Tim Yehezkely doing what she does best, looking beautiful and melancholy. The album itself traces the band's monthly covers series in a unique way; each song title has a number to coincide with the tracklisting. The song, "11:59" is appropriately the 11th song on the album, and the trio does a masterful job recreating a difficult tune in way that only they could.

In an interview with Stereogum last month, band member Christopher Moll described the video as such:

We didn't want it to sound new wave ... we had already established an overall sound on the album that was essentially "us" and we had to find a way to translate the energy level in that song into something that worked within our universe. We think it works ... it has this frantic quality that I would expect from a band making music about the last few minutes on Earth.

Interestingly enough, the vid was directed by fellow band member Jonathan Wilkins and dude did a damn good job with this one. By the Numbers is in stores next Tuesday, 11/11 so be sure to support the hometown heroes and buy their album. And check back in with us two weeks from now for an in depth story on the band's growth over the last year and a half.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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