The Overthrow's Ivory Tower at the 1111 Building, March 23

After this initially funny article in the New York Times, parties continue to roll on in South Beach at World's Fanciest Parking Garage -- i.e. the Herzog & de Meuron-designed 1111 building at the corner of Lincoln and Alton Roads. To be fair, for a parking garage, it's pretty beautiful.

Yesterday was the first public party there for the smart clubber set. For the late afternoon/early evening party dubbed Ivory Tower, the Overthrow put together a chilled-out event that aimed to bring some higher culture to the hedonistic proceedings of Ultra Week (or Miami Music Week, or whatever we're calling it.) 

Things got started a little slowly; even for a party, people run on Miami time, so things didn't start to pick up steam until a few hours after the alleged 5 p.m. start time. Frankly, after futilely fighting the shirtless, overly tanned, and angry for space in the entrance line to the free Beatport beach party at the Gansevoort, it was nice to have room to breathe. And, for the architecture dorks around us, it was fun to wander around and peer into corners and over railings.

There was plenty of other stuff to look at too. In one corner, Sole Bikes, a new affordable fixed-gear/single-speed company from L.A., displayed a few simple, fun-looking rides. Aimed at the novice rider, they come standard with a flip-flop hub to allow coasting, which is a nice touch. Bless their hearts, they were also raffling off a free bike for $5 a chance -- all of which went to the Red Cross' efforts in Japan. And hey, the ticket box looked pretty full! 

Local street art collective Primary Flight, who's responsible for all the amazing murals around Wynwood during Art Basel, contributed some pyramids painted with uplifting messages.

To drink, the signature cocktail was the spicy ayurvedic Prometheus Springs beverage -- in lychee wasabi flavor! -- mixed with vodka. You should absolutely give one of these to an unsuspecting friend. 

Probably the most welcome artistic surprise was the debut of the latest accessories collection by designer Kerin Rose. You will know her from the out-there glasses and other pieces sported by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. Pretty much all of the glasses on display were worth coveting.

Yes, of course there was music too. The DJ during the most crowded part of the party was Brooklyn DJ Brenmar, who mixed in current hip-hop -- Rick Ross' "B.M.F." -- with retro favorites for '90s kids -- KP & Envy's "Swing My Way" -- with newer electronic music. 

Well, actually sometimes not so new. At one point, the crowd reacted particularly well to the three-year-old English bassline radio hit "Heartbroken" by T2, and many of Brenmar's and the other DJs' selections seemed to veer heavily toward more bassline, two-step, and garage sounds. 

Even though those scenes have waxed and waned in their native land, could this be the next sonic flavor du jour for underground dance fans on this side of the pond? With set lists last night full of artists like Mowgli and other artists favoring a reverse-warp bassline, maybe the answer is yes.

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Arielle Castillo
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