The Late Heath Ledger Directed a Just-Released Rap Video

We all miss Heath Ledger. The Academy Award-winning actor wooed us in 10 Things I Hate About You, and shocked us with his performances in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight. Now his legacy lives on, as a rap video he directed for old friend N'FA has just been released on iTunes. You read right. He directed a rap video.

The Australian-born, London-based rapper decided to hold off on releasing the video because he didn't feel comfortable doing so after Heath died. N'FA says:

"Friends and his family said it needed to be seen. Heath loved it... Heath loved the song, and wanted to make a video that artistically

married itself to the energy of the track, to indulge listeners and

viewers alike."

Ledger came up with the dark concept in his garage, just a short while before his untimely death in January of 2008. But this isn't a traditional chicks in bikinis booty shaking rap video.

You'll definitely spot Joker references with the white makeup, bow ties, and top hats, and we can't help but think of the White Stripes a little bit, with all the red, white, and black color schemes. As an added bonus, N'FA's floating head makes the video downright creepy -- but in a cool way. 

See the music video for "Cause an Effect" after the jump, and tell us, do you think Heath missed his calling in rap video directing?

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