The Jazz Continues at Jazid With Diogo Brown!

The tally sheets are in, and last week's triumphant return of jazz to Washington Ave was a raucous success. Finally! The people spoke, the venue listened and the people showed up. Simple as that.

Tonight the party continues with Brazilian transplant and bass wunderkind Diogo Brown doing some of his impressive funk via bossa nova, jazz and Latin-tinged compositions.

The man is young, but his pedigree's without comparison, and his buttery sense of the rhythm's canon is as close as you'll come to a visual and aural orgasm. From a composer's point of view, he's a golden child that allows the rest of his troupe to shine while never sacrificing his integrity--and it's never more evident than when he's backed by his Funk Jazz Brazilian Group.

Ooh baby, don't be a Johnny-come-lately and be there when it all goes down! Check out a clip after the jump.

Diogo Brown and the Funk Jazz Brazilian Group. 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 11th. Jazid, 1342 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. 305-673-9372; www.jazid.net

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