The Five Ravers You'll Meet at Identity Fest 2012 in Miami

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Identity Festival is coming, and many of you are no doubt running around the city, calling everyone you know, trying to finalize all your "preparations" for Saturday, August 4.

It's an exciting chance to see an amazing array of artists, including Eric Prydz, Wolfgang Gartner, Excision and more, all in one day at the Klipsch Amphitheater.

But DJ megastars aside, festivals are great for their people watching opportunities. Some real rarities come out, unabashedly flaunting full colors. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled this weekend for exciting Kodak moments like these already spotted at ID Fest in Atlanta and Tampa.

The Totally Faced Sorority Girl

Someone named Molly let this girl out of her cage, and she is swaggin' cross the meter! No mild-mannered suburban upbringing can keep this party monster from hitting the scene hard with a whistle and a surprised expression. Look out for the wild and free Beta or Delta or whatever those symbols mean. These chicks are looking to partay.

The Bandana Bruh

Ironically, this bruh walks into ID Fest with his identity totally removed from the equation. Hidden behind some giant tool-y sunglasses and totally clashing bandanas, he's both hard and completely ridiculous at the same time. Behind all that shit though, he can't manage to see straight. And you best believe he's drowning in Vick's fumes. Watch out for this bruh.

The Almost-Famous VIPer

If you see someone who looks famous this weekend, walking around the green, chances are they aren't really. But if they have very nice hair done up in an absurd fashion, and they're clothes look dirty but maybe expensive at one point, they're probably almost-famous. They're just coming out from backstage, where they are totally allowed to go, to scoop up cute girls who aren't really VIP. If you're a cute girl, and you want to meet the DJ, look out for these cool cats.

The Earnest Poi Spinner

Protect yourselves, those among you who are not armed. Some of your ID Fest peers will be swinging some serious shit, and they will do it everywhere; the dance floor, the line to the porta-pooper and every bit of green grass left untrampled. Tread cautiously, and definitely take pictures of the pretty trails. The world needs more trail pictures.

The Epic Full-On Costume Guy

Yes, he's hot. Don't ask him that.

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