Thanksgiving's Top Five Local Latin Music Shows

Happy Thanksgiving, party people. There's a chance you've already skipped out on work. But if you're still stuck in the grind, then take comfort in the fact that you've checked out mentally. You are sitting there reading Crossfade during bid'ness hours, after all.

Whether it's the prospect of endless gluttony or endless libations that have you raring to dive headfirst into the Thanksgiving spirit, we know you're looking forward to the holiday. Which is why we've decided to put together this handy dandy little list of Thanksgiving's top five local Latin music shows.

1. Lanzallamas Monofonica What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than enjoying the full-on, high-energy fusions of Lanzallamas? The band's Afro-Latin-American world beat mezcla is all about unity and positivity. And isn't that what Thanksgiving should really be all about? That and getting down something nasty? Van Dyke, Friday, November 26.

2. Conjunto Progreso We know, we know ... This puts you in a tough spot. A healthy side of Conjunto Progreso's Cuban son stylings are hard to pass up. The crew is second to none outside of La Habana, and the smart money says it'd hold its own there too. We can't make the decision for you. You'll just have to pick one and go with it. Transit Lounge, Friday, November 26.

3. Elastic Bond Elastic Bond features some top notch fusion of diverse styles like Latin, funk, blues, soul, and  even electronic. Simply put, Sofy Encanto and company don't mess around. She and the Bond are a little like yo' momma's gravy in that regard. Jazid, Saturday, November 27.

4. Suenalo Of course, Suenalo could be considered the gravy too. The thick gravy with the yummy giblets. This band is responsible for coining Afro-Latin-Baby-Makin'-Descarga-Funk, and it's also one of the granddaddies of the local fusion scene. Every installment of Suenalo's monthly residence at Transit results in a party for the books.Transit Lounge, Saturday, November 27.

5. Six Son Sure, the name implies that this six-piece orchestra brings the son. But a heaping helping of timba and jazz also finds its way into the mix. Six Son's fusion of Cuban styles is only for the most discerning of descarga palates. Van Dyke, Saturday, November 27.

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Christopher Lopez