Ten Wacko Rock 'n' Roll Baby Names

​Somewhere in this cold, harsh universe, there is a sentient lifeform that gives a flipping fuck about Frank Zappa's daughter divorcing some bro-ham guitarist from Matchbox 20. But we here at Crossfade just can't get past the newly hot-to-trot Zappa's first name: Moon Unit.

While Papa Zappa surely struck gold, everyone knows Wacko Jacko (AKA Michael Jackson) was the true King of Redonkulous Baby Names. Prince? Paris? Blanket? Maybe all that Propofol Conrad Murray was dosing MJ with was a muse comparable to Weezy's cough syrup?

Anyway, Moon Unit Zappa got us thinking: What are some other out-of-control silly names that rock stars have given their babies, who eventually grew up to be adults with rout-of-control silly names? Check the jump for ten of the wacko-est.

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Matt Preira