Ten Things Deadmau5 Hates Most About EDM

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Turns out it isn't just hard drugs that piss Zimmerman off. Remember that time Deadmau5 had Rusko kicked out of backstage for smoking weed? Yes, this actually happened. The Mau5 went on a huge rant via Facebook about what a pothead the wobble king was, and then the rest of us collectively decided the Big Cheese needed to smoke a bowl and calm the fuck down.


Deadmau5 fed some grade-A filets to Mr. "No Beef" when he attacked Afrojack for unoriginality via Twitter. (It's kind of weird, considering everything Deadmau5 does kind of sounds exactly the same, but whatever.) Did you know Afrojack doesn't know what a "bar" is? These crazy commercial-whoring hacks, they're always up to something! You've got to love them for that.

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