Ten Things Deadmau5 Hates Most About EDM

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People Texting on the Dance Floor

Speaking of this free show, it all came about because broseph played a set at Mansion, and throughout the set, rich kids wouldn't stop texting in the VIP. He blamed it on the shitty bottle-service club atmosphere, but we think it might have something to do with the 45-minutes-in-lull that characterizes every Deadmau5 set we've seen since 2010. But we're critics, and we're assholes. He and us are probably both a little right.

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Having to Do Anything

A-Trak is a great DJ, but there were a few years there around 2011-2012, when every one of his sets started to sound exactly the same. It was the same remixes, the same live edits, the same routines. It was boring. Then Deadmau5 came out and said, "We're all button pushers" on his public diary Tumblr, and A-Trak was all "I resent that remark." He filmed a nasty trick routine to the Mau5's "Ghosts n Stuff" and has been merkin' the decks ever sense. Deadmau5, meanwhile, still "presses play."

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