Ten Acts That Could Save Hip-Hop

Dear hip-hop, what the fuck happened?

When did hip-hop become about bogus egos, dehumanizing women, hating ourselves, and stupid, unrelatable statements like #SufferingFromSuccess? Hip-hop was a music of the people, but now it's a culture of the blind-leading-the-blind into a party full of strippers and bad decisions. The next morning, you chalk it all up to "well, that's the game, and I married it, so, oh, well."

The party-ready ratchet culture has become irresponsible. It's good to let loose once in a while, but that sort of superficial shit is not acceptable unless moderated by intelligent discourse. It's time to sober up.

Thankfully, there's a movement beginning to bubble. And we're ready for some hip-hop that speaks to our morals, our lives, and our hopes for the future. If hip-hop wants to be something more than just a parody of itself, it needs to turn the camera around, and get more introspective. We're going to need more role models emerging along the lines of these 10 trailblazers.

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